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So about ten years ago I had a pretty popular online journal, I stopped it right about the time they invented the word 'blog' but I figured I should get it going again. I'm on the Carnival Magic right now, we were at sea today and we are headed back to Galveston to drop off the old guests and pick up the new ones. I'm nine days into a twenty-five day trip, 20 shows down, 25 to go, and I've done laundry once.

We are headed towards the end of spring break which makes me happy. During spring break there are lots of high school and college kids in the audience and I don't feel like there is much in my act that they enjoy. Also, it only takes one person who hasn't figured out how to drink in public yet to ruin a show for me.

Speaking of drinking in public, I did my drunk juggling show last night where I consume five shots of Jack in about 25 minutes, well, right at the beginning of the set a waitress brought up two more shots that were sent up by the host of the show, Mark Miller. It was a funny thing he did and I did the last two shots right before juggling to end the show. I paid for it this morning and I think five shots is my limit, so if you send me any shots during that show, they will be given to the audience.

I'll be in Galveston tomorrow which is about 90 miles from my house, but I have to go through immigration which keeps me occupied until about noon so I don't have time to go home, quite the tease at this stage of the trip.

I have the night off on board tonight so the plan is to go to the steakhouse with Mark and watch the Legends show where the guests sing onstage with the dancers and the band. I figured since they were watching and judging me the last few nights I should return the favor.

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